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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  After my tub has been refinished or repaired, how long do I have to wait to use it?

         ​There is a 24 hour cure time on all refinishes and most repairs, so your tub will be available for next day use.

  • How long will my repair or refinish last?

         We give you a 5 year warranty on repairs & refinishes on homes in which you own and live​ and a 1 year warranty on rental 

         units. With the proper care though, your refinish can easily last 15+ years.

  • Do I have color options?

         Yes, you definitely have options for colors. We stock American Standard White and Almond, but for a nominal fee we can 

         gladly order custom colors.

  • There is tile on the walls surrounding my bathtub, can that be refinished as well?

         Yes, we can absolutely refinish your tile surround.

  • How do you keep my family and belongings safe from chemicals and overspray?

         We take the care of your family and belongings very seriously​. We start by masking all surrounding walls and tile then 

         covering all horizontal surfaces to protect from overspray. A boot is then placed over the door with a portable ventilation 

         system leading outside, extracting any impurities in the air. We also use the safest materials on the market, coupled with a 

         high volume low pressure spray system, which keeps the vast majority of materials on your tub as opposed to in the air.

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